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Willie van Wamel, owner of De Agave Natuurlijk Wonen
Alfred Menting, owner of flower speciality shop Floral Arts and Design and Flowers.nl
Marcel van Dijk, floral designer and owner of Oogenlust
Soren Lykkegaard, head of Cash & Carry at Blomsters Centrum

Willie van Wamel is the owner of De Agave Natuurlijk Wonen, a large fancy flower shop in the middle of the country. He is a loyal e-commerce customer of Weerman’s Super Cash & Carry division.

What was the last thing you ordered from Weerman?
A box of fifty Phalanopsis Orchids for funeral floral arrangements from the Super Cash & Carry.

Using the e-commerce system?
Absolutely. It’s so easy to use. I simply log into the system using a login and password and I can see exactly what’s in the presales stock. I enter my order and I’m ready to go. I can even place orders while sitting on the couch at home.

How long does it take to place an order?
I'm done in ten seconds. It couldn’t be easier. Even my four-year-old son understands how it works.

How often do you place orders?
Four times a week, around forty packages each time.

Why do you use Weerman?
They have a broad range of products and also because of the convenience of ordering by e-commerce. Only a few wholesalers offer that possibility. It saves me an enormous amount of time and I prefer to be in the shop than running around the flower auction! I definitely recommend trying out their e-commerce system. You can save a huge amount of time and, after all, time is money!

How long have you been a customer of Weerman?
More than twenty years. I was one of their first e-commerce customers.

What do you think of their service and products?
Excellent! They’ve got a good business going and you can trust them without any doubt.
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“Weerman saves me a great deal of time. Great!”

“Reliable and easy”

“Only at the end of the day I know what I need the next day”